The rattrap selma lagerlof

The ironmaster is amused but orders h im out. How does the peddler interpret the acts of kindness and hospitality shown by the crofter, the ironmaster and his daughter. She empathised with him and was thus kind to him even though she knew who he was. What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap.

He had the look of a starved man. In the mo rning light, the iron master realizes he is mistaken and that he is not the Captain. Edla noticed that the peddler was afraid and she at once concluded that he was either a thief or had escaped from jail.

He reached a cottage on the roadside.

The Rattrap Selma Lagerlof Case Study Solution & Analysis

However, he does not at the outset disclose his true identity because he hopes to profit from the mistake thinking perhaps a few kroner would come his way but now he only wants to rest near the forge at night and quietly slip away in the morning.

He told the peddler that he had a cow and sold her milk to a creamery. She notices his uncouth appearance and thinks that either he has stolen something or he has escaped from jail. On the next day, when Ironmaster and Edla go to Church, they get to know about the rattrap seller and his misdeed of stealing thirty kronors from the home of old crofter.

The genuine compassion of Edla gave the man a sense of peace and security. Early life[ edit ] Anna Ollson, Karlstad: When he has a good experience, it is followed by a worse one, as if the first was intended to trick him into relaxing his guard. Attracted by a 'regular thumping', he reached the Ramsj Ironworks, where the blacksmith allowed him to spend the night.

Signed himself as Captain von Stahle. His cheeks were hollow. He thought it was risky for him to accept the offer. Then they played cards. The ironmaster mistook the peddler to be an old acquaintance, Nils Olof, a comrade from the regiment.

The Rattrap : Flamingo (English Literature Class XII Important Questions)

He felt sure that the peddler was one of his old regimental comrades, Captain von Stable who had fallen on evil days. However, failing to convince the peddler to come with him, the ironmaster sent his daughter, Edla Willmansson, to insist the peddler to join them for the night.

How does the metaphor of the rattrap serve to highlight the human predicament. He stood up and walked in the direction of the sound. Jealousy and rivalry are the corollary of material acquisitions and the only motivation to possess things is to outdo another.

The rattrap offers cheese and pork totrap a rats. He thought that the man had deceived him. He only begged that he should be allowed to stay for the night near the forge.

While he is walking or lost in his meditations, he considers this world as rattrap where every human is trapped just for the sake of little money, greed and love.

What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap.

Ch 4 The Rattrap (NCERT Solution)

Why did Edla still entertain the peddler even after she knew the truth about him. Answer The ironmaster realised his mistake the next day when the peddler turned up at breakfast.

Answer In the uncertain reflection from furnace, the ironmaster mistook the peddler as his old regimental comrade, Captain Von Stahle.

The petty plight of the peddler complimented by his tattered clothes made it hard for Edla to believe that the man had proper education. The story also focuses on human loneliness and the need to bond with others.

He woke up two hours later for Christmas dinner. He also told the ironmaster that the world was a rattrap, and he himself might one day be tempted by a big bait and get caught in the trap.

She was happy to note that after all he had changed. The man selling rat-traps lived a poor life without enough food or shelter. Oct 31,  · Today I read the short story The Rat Trap, by Selma Lagerlöf. The story begins by introducing a character who sells rat traps for a living, but doesn’t make much money and so thinks of the whole world as a rat trap, with money, gourmet food, large mansions, and other such items as the cheese in the trap.

Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf (Swadish: [ˈsɛlˈma ˈlɑːɡə(r)ˈløːv] (); 20 November – 16 Mairch ) wis a Swadish author. Jan 12,  · The Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof January 12, January 12, adhyapika The rattrap seller plods the city dressed in rags looking hungry and feeling very tired.

Selma, Alabama became the focal point for the fight for voting rights. Selma was the center of the demonstrations for blacks obtaining voting rights without any restrictions.

Movements. What became the cherished pastime of the peddler in the story the rattrap?

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What was the first impression that Edla formed of the peddler? Does the rattrap theory of the world make sense to you? The Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof. Play and Listen in this video mr alok have explained the chapter rattrap as easy as possible and we hope we will get more and more chapter explained in very easy way this story is base on a man who went around The Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof .

The rattrap selma lagerlof
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